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This GitHub project provides Advance Placement Computer Science 'A' (AP-CSA) code, training, and teaching materials. This page is a 'GitHub Pages' website and contains guidance and development activities. Cloning the GitHub Project provides Java-Spring webserver code. Explore this page for activities. including procedures to develop, build, and deploy a Web Server.

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Time Box Tri 3

Week Dates Stand Up Theme Test Prep Tech Talk Canvas
Finals June 6 - 9 Finals Week none none none
11 May 31 - June 3 PBL Customer Project Due N@tM Wed 6/1 6-7:30pm none Project Final Review
10 May 23 - 27 Final Project Dev 2 none Spring Boot Security and Notes and Uploads none
9 May 16 - 20 Final Project Dev 1 none Spring Boot Security and Many-to-One Notes none
8 May 9 - 13 AP Week 2, Final Project Review 2 none Many-to-Many Relations Data PBL Sponsor Requirements Presentations
7 May 2 - 6 AP Week 1, Final Project Review 1 CSA Exam May 4th none PBL Classroom Requirements Presentations
6 April 25 - 29 CSA College Board Prep Week 2 Proctored MCQ Tue, FRQ Th none Study Week 2
5 April 18 - 22 CSA College Board Prep Week 1 Proctored MCQ Tue, FRQ Thu none Study Week 1
Spring Break April 11 - 15 none none none none
4 April 4 - 8 Data Structures Final none Crossover Coding Tue, Wed Individual Data Structures Final
3 March 28 - April 1 Sorts none TT3 Sorts and Analysis Sorts and Analysis
2 March 21 - 25 Calculator none TT2 Calculator, Stacks, ArrayLists Data Structures Challenge 2
1 March 14 - 18 Custom Java and Linked Lists none TT1 Linked Lists Data Structures Challenge 1
0 March 7 - 11 Innovation Week Objectives none TT0 Data Structures Plans, Team, Jobs

Tri 2 Time Box

Week Stand Up Theme Test Prep Tech Talk Canvas
11 Finals Week none N@tM PBL Final
10 Surprise Test and Tri 3 Intro none TT10 Final MCQ Test
9 Student Tech Talks none TT9.1Search, TT9.2Sassy PBL Part 1
8 Data Ops, Linked List of Objects FRQ9 Books, FRQ10 GCF TT8 Pair/Trio Showing 2
7 Data Ops, Sorts FRQ7 Users, FRQ8 Plots TT7 Pair/Trio Showing 1
6 Midterm, FRQs, and Ketchup FRQ6, Enhanced for loop TT6 Mid Term FRQ and Vocab
5 Data Ops, Generics FRQ5, Invitation TT5 PBL Showing
4 StringOps, Jekyll FRQ4, Streak TT4 3, 4, 5
3 TO DB Training FRQ3, RSVP TT3 WIP Review
2 Certbot, 1to1 FRQ2, Light Sequence TT2.1 TT2.2 Home Pages
1 SCCS, Async None TT1.1, TT1.2 Project Approval